Saturday Morning, March 25, 2017

Henry Booker's Conference Suite
Jacobs Hall, Jacobs School of Engineering

Photonics and Materials Breakout Session

8:45 ‐ 10:15 Photonics and Materials I (Chairman, Zhaowei Liu, Professor, UC San Diego)

  • Chia-Chien Wei, Professor, NSYSU
    “High-speed OFDM in Short-reach Optical Fiber Communication Systems Incorporated with Optical and Electrical Signal Processing”
  • Dr. Nikola Alic, Research Scientist, UC San Diego
    “Breaking the Nonlinear Capacity Limit in Fiber-optic Transmission”
  • Chao-Kuei Lee, Professor, NSYSU
    “Tens of GHz Micro-ring All-optical Modulation for Si Photonics”
  • Boubacar Kante, Professor, UC San Diego
    “Novel Nanophotonic Platforms for Lasing and Sensing”
  • Yung-Jr Hung, Professor, NSYSU
    “Silicon Photonics Waveguide Filters Based on Subwavelength Gratings”
  • Chin-Ping Yu, Professor, NSYSU
    “Analysis of SOI-based Subwavelength Grating Waveguides in Couplers and Sensors”

10:15 ‐ 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45 ‐ 12:30 Photonics and Materials II (Chairman, Yi-jen Chiu, Professor, NSYSU)

  • Yi-jen Chiu, Professor, NSYSU
    “SOA Based Photonic Integration for High-Speed Optical Amplitude and Chirp Control”
  • Zhaowei Liu, Professor, UC San Diego
    “Quantum Plasmonics for Nonlinear Applications”
  • Tsung-Hsien Lin, Professor, NSYSU
    “All-optical Transistor and Logic Gates Based on Anisotropic Nonlinear Responsive Liquid Crystal”
  • Yu-Ju Hung, Professor, NSYSU
    “Optical Tuning and Surface Enhancement on Metallic and All-dielectric Nano Structures”
  • Yu-Hwa Lo, Professor, UC San Diego
    “Photodetectors Using Cycling Excitation Process with THz Gain-bandwidth Product”
  • Chun-Hu Chen, Professor, NSYSU
    “Role of Graphene Hybridization in Optical, Photochemical, and Biosensing Applications”
  • Liuwen Chang, Professor, NSYSU
    “Bandgap Engineering of ZnO-MgO Pseudobinary Epilayers and Heterostructures”