Saturday Afternoon, March 25, 2017

Jacobs Hall
Jacobs Hall, Jacobs School of Engineering

Keynote III and Poster Sessions

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14:00 ‐ 15:00 Keynote Presentations III (Chairman, Charles W. Tu, Professor, UC San Diego)

  • Kin Lu Wong, National Chair Professor, NSYSU
    “Multi-Gbps Massive MIMO for Next-Generation Mobile Devices and MIMO System Performance Verification”
  • Peter M. Asbeck, Skyworks Chair Professor, UC San Diego
    “Devices and Circuits for 5G Wireless Communications”

Jacobs Hall Lobby

15:00 ‐ 16:00 Poster Session (Chairman, Paul K. Yu, Professor, UC San Diego)

Photonics & Materials
  • Chih-Yu Tsai. Advisor: Kin Lu Wong, NSYSU
    “Compact Two-Antenna Building Block for Forming the Massive MIMO Antenna Array in the 5G Multi-Gbps Smartphone”
  • Jia-Ren Zou. Advisor: Yi-Jen Chiu, NSYSU
    “Design of Highly Efficient DFB Laser Using the Integration of High Coupling Si Grating”
  • Rih-You Chen. Advisor: Yi-Jen Chiu, NSYSU
    “Integration of Electroabsorption Modulator and Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for Dispersion Compensation in Long Distance Optical Fiber Transmission”
  • Duan-Yi Guo. Advisor: Tsung-Hsien Lin, NSYSU
    “Linear/nonlinear Electro-optical Effect in 3D Photonic Liquid Crystal”
  • Mao-Chou Tai. Advisor: Tsung-Hsien Lin, NSYSU
    “Control of Uniform Lying Helix Alignment in Liquid Crystal”
  • Din-Hsin Ou. Advisor: Chao-Kuei Lee, NSYSU
    “Parametric Frequency Conversion in Ta2O5 Based Micro-ring Cavity”
  • Ho-Nien Wang. Advisor: Chin-Ping Yu, NSYSU
    “Highly Sensitive Miniature Optical Fiber Sensors”
  • Wei-Xiang Huang. Advisor: Chia-Chien Wei, NSYSU
    “Novel Bandwidth-Efficient Optical Duo-Quaternary Modulation and Its Transmission Performance”
  • Kangwei Wang. Advisor: Paul K. Yu, Zhaowei Liu, UC San Diego
    "Second-order Susceptibility Enhancement in Gallium Nitride Nanopillars"
  • Chia-Ju Yu. Advisor: Yung-Jr Hung, NSYSU
    “Apodized Silicon Waveguide Grating Reflectors with Index-compensated Sidewall Modulations”
  • Ren-Huai Jhang. Advisor: Chun-Hu Chen, NSYSU
    “Graphene Oxide and Its Composites for Wafer-scale Grating and Bio-sensor”
Marine Science
  • Cheng-Jung Hsu. Advisor: Yang-Yih Chen, NSYSU
    “Application of Wave Spectra Partitioning Method”
  • Ke-Hsien Fu. Advisor: Yu-Huai Wang, NSYSU
    “The Deformation of Internal Solitons on the Slope of Dongsha Atoll”
  • Jheng-Jhang Li. Advisor: Hsiu-Chin Lin, NSYSU
    “Revision of Parasesarma leptosoma (Hilgendorf, 1869) Species-group, with Five Pseudocryptic Species from the West Pacific”
  • Chomgun Cho, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NSYSU
    “Iterative source-range estimation in a sloping-bottom shallow-water waveguide using the generalized array invariant”
  • Leeann K. Alferness, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NSYSU
    “Extraction and purification of light producing proteins from luminous brittlestar Ophiopsila californica (Echinodermata)
  • Daniel Conley, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NSYSU
    “The Effect of the Alleviation Level on the Accuracy of the Automated Annotator in CoralNet”
  • Eva L. Sachez Alvarez, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NSYSU. Advisor: M. Hildebrand, UC San Diego
    “Evaluating Growth and TAG Accumulation of the Environmentally Flexible Alga Marinichlorella kaisitae KAS603 under Diverse Cultivation Regimes”
Social Sciences & International Studies
  • Cody Yau. Advisor: Cheng-Shan Liu, NSYSU
    “Securitizing Hong Kong: from Non-Politicization to “Securitization” (1997~2016)”
  • Yin Yuan, UC San Diego
    “Analysis of Provincial Newspapers in China”
  • Aliya Peleo. Advisor: Chiahao Hsu, NSYSU
    “Biopolitics of Agrarian Reforms in the Philippines”
  • Luke Sanford and Shane Xuan, UC San Diego
    “Strategic Tweeting: An Analysis of State-Run Media Using Evidence from China”
  • Hui-Wen Hsueh, NSYSU
    “From the Theory of Offensive Realism to View the U.S.-China Relations: During the Period of Mr. Xi and President Obama”
  • Wei-Chun Wan, NSYSU
    “China’s Anticipated Diplomacy on the North–South Economic Corridor (China, Laos, and Thailand borders): A Dream is a Good Thing”

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16:00 - 16:15 Closing Ceremony