Atkinson Hall, Qualcomm Institute

Atkinson Hall includes many unique spaces that can meet the needs of almost any meeting, conference, or event. As QI’s headquarters, the 250,000sf building is a technologically advanced facility specializing in cutting-edge applications of technology and communication needs.

Jacobs Hall

Jacobs Hall is the headquarters of the Jacobs School of Engineering and also houses the Department of ECE. The Qualcomm Conference Room is located in the main lobby of the first floor; the Booker Conference Suite is located at rm 2512. The building has many advanced facility supporting photonics, solid states and other research projects.

School of Global Policy & Strategy

The School is internationally recognized for its expertise on the Pacific—the Americas and Asia—and we seek to be the home of students, alumni, scholars and leaders from around the world who value tackling global and Pacific challenges with meticulous analysis and a passion for problem-solving.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Hubbs Hall

The Hubbs Conference Center (Hubbs Hall) is located next to the Upper Marine Biology and Library at SIO, and is within walking distance from the Scripps Pier.