Dr. David Serlin

"For nearly four decades, DOC has been a model of innovative teaching and learning that many universities around the country have sought to emulate but few have ever successfully imitated. So when I was offered the opportunity to teach DOC 3, ‘Imagination,’ I jumped at the chance. I look forward to building on DOC's capacity to foster serious intellectual reflection, analysis, and debate among both teachers and students."

— Dr. David Serlin,
Assoc. Professor of Communication
Affiliated Faculty in Critical Gender
and Science Studies


Laren Poole

Laren Poole's experience at TMC helped ignite his interest in social justice. The former DOC student formed an organization, Invisible Children this link leads to another website to help young victims of the Ugandan conflict. More...

From the Archives

Triton Times - 04/12/1968 this link leads to another website pdf
King assasination, march against racism

Triton Times -11/25/1969 this link leads to another website pdf
Third College, the quiet revolution

Ramón Eduardo Ruiz –professor emeritus of history was instrumental in the creation of UCSD's Third College. President Bill Clinton called Ruiz "one of America’s premier and pioneering scholars of Latin American history."  More ... this link leads to another website

President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton honored Ramón Eduardo Ruiz with the 1998 National Humanities Medal Award

Third College 20th Anniversary Book 135 page book this link leads to another website pdf

Cecil Lytle's Burden of Excellence

Burden of Excellence
The struggle to establish the Preuss School UCSD and a call for Urban Educational Field Stations

by Cecil Lytle this link leads to another website pdf

Click to read the The Origins of Gompers Charter Middle School PDF

Reconstructing Equality on New Political Ground
by Lisa Rosen and
Hugh Mehan this link leads to another website pdf

Whole-School Detracking by Doris Alvarez and
Hugh Mehan this link leads to another website pdf

The New DOC

– Robert Horwitz,
8/19/09 this link leads to another website pdf


The Second Provost

Doctor Watson, I Presume?

Piano Playing Provost

What's In a Name?
Long Saga of Third College

Programs which began at TMC:

Ethnic Studies
Education Studies
Urban Studies and Planning (née Urban and Rural Development)
Third World Studies


TMC History Project - a short history

The TMC History Project is a living document: the College encourages anyone with information, photographs, documents or artifacts relevant to the growth of our knowledge on the subject to email the TMC webmaster.       More ...

Dr. Jorge Mariscal

"I have written on the history of Marshall College and was honored to know several of the college's founders.  I believe strongly in Lumumba-Zapata College's vision of social justice, history, and activism and was eager to reshape the new DOC curriculum so that the original vision might be made meaningful for students in the 21st century."

Brown-eyed children of the sun: lessons from the Chicano movement, 1965-1975
 By George Mariscal

— Dr. Jorge Mariscal, Professor of Literature

Brown-eyed Children of the Sun:
Lessons from the Chicano Movement, 1965-1975
By George Mariscal

Chapter Six this link leads to another website pdf
"to demand that the university work for our people"

Dedication of Thurgood Marshall College, UC San Diego in 1993:

  • 1 of 6: Dr William J McGill, UCSD Chancellor 1968-70 and
    Dr Richard Atkinson, UCSD Chancellor
  • 2 of 6: Provost Cecil Lytle
  • 3 of 6: Alumni Alex Wong, James Hill, Student Council Chair
  • 4 of 6: Marian Wright Edelman, President Children's Defense Fund
  • 5 of 6: Marian Wright Edelman (continued), Professor Carlos Blanco
    – Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Provost Cecil Lytle
  • 6 of 6: Professor Carlos Blanco, UC President Jack Peltason

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