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Julian Bond
Chairmain, NAACP

Reconsidering Little Rock:
50 Years After the Start of School Integration

November 13-15, 2007

On November 13-15, Thurgood Marshall College and Earl Warren College, in partnership with California Western School of Law and the Helen Edison Lecture Series will commemorate the 1957 incident at Central High in Little Rock and consider its reverberations today.

Distinguished keynote guests Dr. Terrence Roberts (one of the Little Rock 9) and NAACP chairman Julian Bond will speak at 7:30PM, November 13th at the Weiss Forum Theatre and November 14th at the Price Center Ballroom, respectively.

Each evening will also feature a moderated panel of scholars (the 13th will follow the legal legacy of 1954’s groundbreaking case Brown v. Board of Ed through recent Court decisions; the 14th will focus on social ramifications of desegregation over the decades, with a view toward San Diego schools). November 15th at the Weiss Forum at 7:30PM a special program of dramatic material will be performed by noted actress Karole Foreman, with music by Cecil Lytle and members of UCSD faculty and graduate program, and a short screening from PBS’s heralded Eyes on the Prize with narration by Julian Bond. All three events are free to the public.

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This event is made possible by Thurgood Marshall College, Earl Warren College, Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, Helen Edison Lecture Series, California Western School of Law, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Penny Rue, Council of Provosts, UCSD Libraries, Office of Research Affairs, Office of Graduate Studies, Dean of Social Sciences, Dean of Arts & Humanities, African American Studies Minor, Law and Society Program, Department of Theatre and Dance, and Department of Music.

“…harmony in race relations is not simply or easily achieved. No matter how comprehensive and clear the law is on this subject, there will always be bigots to promote tensions and patterns of resistance. But the vast majority of people must realize by now that racial equality under the law is basic to our institutions and that we will not and cannot have peace in our nation until the race issue is properly settled. We have, it bears repeating, thirty-four million members of minority groups whose civil rights have not been but must be fully respected. That calls for a combination of effective law and good will. In the absence of both or either of these elements, we can only expect chaos. If there is one lesson to be learned from our tragic experience in the Civil War and its wake, it is that the question of racial discrimination is never settled until it is settled right.”
- Earl Warren (written sometime between 1970 and 1974).

In newspapers across the country, Thurgood Marshall was defiant. The evening before federal troops were to arrive, Marshall said, “Little Rock is not an occupied town,” he told the newsman Mike Wallace. “Troops are there for one purpose only—to see that those children are able to go to school. I hope it’s gotten over to the Southern people that if they allow their governors to defy the Federal Government this is inevitable.” When Wallace asked if he and the NAACP had started a second Civil War, Marshall replied: “ If you mean by Civil War that there is a continuing effort to emancipate Negroes, towards accomplishing what the Civil War was intended to accomplish—yes.”
Juan Williams. Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary. New York: Three Rivers Press, 1998.

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Dr. Terrence Roberts
Member of the Little Rock 9
Professor, Antioch University of Los Angeles

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