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What is the UC San Diego College System?

The College system is what makes UC San Diego special. No other university in the United States organizes the undergraduate experience around a College system as comprehensive as UC San Diego's.

Our small colleges – each about 4,700 students – help students thrive in a welcoming community. Students have access to personalized advising, support services and leadership opportunities with all the advantages of one of the best large, Tier 1, research institutions in the world.

College assignment is not based on major. Students select from the full range of majors regardless of College

Choosing a College

When you apply to UC San Diego, you must choose a college. Your choice will not affect your chances of admission to the university or the majors you can pursue, but it will affect your General Education requirements, coursework, and opportunities outside of your major.

Review the statements below and the General Education requirements of each college, then rank the colleges from 1 (you most want) to 6 (you least want) based on how much each matches your interests

UC san Diego’s six colleges

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What's Next?

You may have a lot of questions about the colleges. That's ok. Use the tools below to get more info and learn more about each College.